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Webb Performance & Health Management (WPHM) was created by Josh Webb and James Dixon with the aim to INSPIRE and DRIVE staff performance.

Following a model developed in the United States, WPHM work with your company to integrate health and wellness service offerings with the aim of enhancing, motivating and developing high performing corporate teams.

The benefits of using WPHM include but are not limited to:

Improvements in the health and wellbeing of your staff with the on-flow of workplace productivity and morale.

Additionally data shows a decrease in absenteeism and sick leave.

Luring high quality talent to your business.

Advertising that your workplace has a health and wellness scheme shows the general public you care about your staff.

Providing your staff with health based rewards drives intrinsic motivation.

Josh Webb,
General Manager
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Motorsport Performance

Webb has been developing professional and amateur athletes across a range of sports for many years. It is this mix of sports, and training methods, which gives Webb athletes a clear advantage.

Each athlete is an individual, with a refined focus. Webb builds on this focus to build fitness, power, flexibility and endurance.

Webb Performance motorsport specific fitness programs give you the on-track advantage. By combining a network of high performance programs, techniques, specialist trainers and healthcare professionals your off-track performance will give you the on-track edge.








In addition to daily motorsport specific fitness programs the Webb advantage covers:

Altitude Training: A great way to increase fitness in a shorter period of time.

Heat Acclimatisation: Ideal preparation for long distance and hot street circuit races.
Vo2 Testing: Cardiovascular fitness assessment.
Bod-Pod: Body fat, muscle density and metabolic rate testing.
Physiotherapy, massage and dry needling.
Dietetics: Nutritionalist assessed dietary programs including clean, calorie controlled or enhanced meals delivered to your door.

We focus on assessing each athlete individually to design the exact program needed to find those extra 100th's including:

Mobility and Injury Prevention
Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscular Development and Endurance
Rehabilitation and Recovery

You don’t have to be Bayside to benefit from the Webb advantage! We also offer training and fitness programs for interstate athletes, with regular consultations and program updates.

corporate health
our tailored approach to improving staff health and performance
health checks / needs analysis

WEBB Performance regards its health screening and needs analysis as the first step to understanding the health, wellbeing and needs of your company.

Finding out what your company wants conceptually is vital for WPHM to have a positive impact on your business. Our initial screening provides quantitative data to direct your program in the right direction.

Our accredited practicing dietitians (ADP) and accredited exercise physiologists (AEP) can take staff members through a screening process that gives a snap shot of the individuals health while also providing a means to evaluate and set health objectives. We take anonymity seriously therefore only conceptually data is used to give upper level management an idea of the health status of the entire company.

In essence our anthropometric data collection is the first port of call, it is the initial evaluation process that paves the way for improvement in individual and company health.

Choose from the following two options:

- Basic: Needs Analysis only
- Intermediate: Health Checks and Needs Analysis

corporate training strategy
  • group fitness (boxing, cross training)

  • team building

  • yoga

  • pilates

  • meditation

  • 8 week nutrition seminar series

  • 8 week counselling seminar series

Once the needs of your staff have been identified (from step one), WPHM then work with your company to build your health and wellness program and/or implement any one of our service offerings based on your vision.

You can choose between:

- A core program: a weekly role out of any of the above listed sessions
- A core program + additional services blended
- Additional services only

The total number of sessions and the type of sessions conducted in your program is totally up to you. We tailor to the needs of companies both large and small in scale.

Additional Services

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitians are leaders in nutrition science. Our staff empower your employees to make scientifically-based dietary changes to attain and maintain optimal health, services include:

- One-on-one extensive consultations one-on-one express consultations

- Goal specific programs (eg; weight loss, muscle gain).

Corporate Massage

Our highly qualified team of massage therapists will work the tension out of your staff via our five-minute seated neck and shoulder massage service.

In our experiences this is a great reward for meeting objectives and/or a means of promoting staff health.

Utilising our massage service not only helps alleviate and address bad posture but it also shows you care as an employer about the health of your staff.

DNA Testing

We utilize the services of the great team at smartDNA to provide all our clients with up to date genetic testing.

SmartDNA provide meaningful genomic solutions to practitioners to assist their patients to achieve optimum wellness.

Our affiliated practitioner is well regarded and provides a well rounded assessment of results obtained.

Women Safe

The need for self protection has become a vital part of our existence due to an increase in attacks and sexual assaults within our communities.

The two-hour Women Safe program we conduct at your workplace is a combination of education and practical content that empowers women to feel safe in their environment in and around your workplace and their home.

Self Defence

Basic self defense classes are a way of not only team building but also help empower staff members to understand how to get out of compromising situations.

Self defense will teach you all you need to know in a practical sense to get away from an attacker or situation that poses a threat to your wellbeing.

Quit Smoking

Our Quit Smoking program provides people with in depth knowledge about tobacco, reasons to quit, strategies to quit and lastly current Australian statistical information around smoking and tobacco use.

The program is delivered using client centered practice, putting the people in the program, at the center of the program to make the presentation inclusive and interactive.

After our two-hour seminar attendees will be able to walk away from the program with the tools they need to know how to reduce or better yet quit smoking.

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